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  1. Aug 24 2012


    I spoke to a few of your cohorts at VMware and I wanted to reach out to you. I am building a VDI demo website that is going to be launching in beta on Tuesday at VMworld. We built this website to do demonstrations for potential customers. Our goals are to allow people to test virtual desktops for 15 – 30 days to test VMware View. Then follow up and see their experience. We have a group of people that do professional services for VMware PSO team. We all use your tools from time to time for troubleshooting, etc.

    I wanted to reach out to you and introduce myself to you.

    check out the website:

    you can sign up for a VDI demo now and test drive the site. The theme is still being installed as of today. Its expected to go live on Monday night.

    Anyway, I wanted to say hi. I would love to test drive the new beta of PCOIP config util.


    Devin Henderson or

  2. Chris Mallory
    Aug 29 2012

    I sat through your Tuesday VMWorld session and wish I could have had an extended conversation with you because I took away a great deal of useful information and value from your session.

    To answer the couple of questions I have, you may care to know that I’m a pretty technical IT Manager at a community college. I built our view 4.6 environment and upgraded our environment to 5.1.0 quite recently.

    I feel that we have done our due diligence in optimizing the base image for our linked clone and full VM pools.

    I have read the pcoip optimization guide and have had the conversations around the network performance tuning with my network admin. He feels that in our network environment where there isn’t network contention, the recommendations for QoS ans CoS for PCoIP are not relevant. If our links are not that busy… specifically on the LAN, is that still a recommendation? I don’t feel that the LAN performance is acceptable in my environment, so I’m definitely looking for a second opinion. You have lived this protocol so I would love some feedback.

    I have a lot of log viewing and wmi viewing to do when I return.

    Thank you for your contributions the a great product set.

  3. David Burlingame
    Aug 30 2012

    Hey Chuck,

    I caught your session on PCoIP optimization and thought it was awesome. Definitely one of my best sessions I attended. Thanks! I look forward to putting your PCoIP tools to work once I get back to the office.

  4. William
    Jan 13 2013

    can you put up the live cd view client.iso for download. I would like to test this out

    • RexRemus
      Jan 14 2013

      William- At this point I’d rather not, it’s actually quite old and outdated by now, and I’ve not had the time to create a new one with an updated View client. In the meantime there have been some good versions of this built by folks like TinyCore (Google around a bit, or look for my previous post on their builder) and I don’t have the cycles to build a better mousetrap than they have right now. If you must have a LiveCD for View, give TinyCore a go.

  5. Feb 25 2013


    For your information: the PCoIPconfig.exe file isnĀ“t downloadable any more. The link is dead… :(

    Can you get this file back online?


  6. Apr 30 2013


    I have a very important question to you.

    Can you please contact me via eMail:

    I cannot find you contact info on this site.

    Thanks, Johannes!


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