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January 14, 2014


PCoIP Log Viewer Updated for View 5.3

Well, like an idiot, I’ve had this update ready to go for a while (before xmas of 2013) and had left it in a beta state.  I never heard anything bad back from the beta testers (which could be good or bad I guess!) but I’ll assume things are working ok.

So it’s probably time to move this over into “prod” and get it out there as I’ve had a few requests recently for this update.

So long as you are only parsing View 5.2 or newer log files you can do it all in the Log Viewer itself under the new parsing framework. You can find the Log Viewer here.

If you need to parse older log files (5.1 or older) you’ll need the standalone parser for that.  You can find it linked inside the content here.

For those of you who already have the Log Viewer installed it should auto update – if it does not, or if it breaks somehow, please uninstall it via the Java Control Panel console (or appropriate interface for your chosen OS), and then re-install it from the JNLP file linked above.

Thank you and let me know if you’re having issues with log files!  I had a very limited subset to test with when making the update so it’s quite likely there will be errors lurking out there somewhere.

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  1. Garion Kong
    Jan 20 2014

    Hi Chuck, just to let you know, the WMI logging works great and now I can drop and parse the raw View 5.3 logs in the Log Viewer without issue. Thanks for the tool.

    • RexRemus
      Jan 21 2014

      Thanks for the feedback, glad to know it’s all working as planned.

  2. IT_Vision
    Sep 23 2014


    I get the following message when attempting to drop the .txt file into the Log Viewer:

    The log files could not be parsed: A valid parser for this log file cound not be found. The file may be invalid or it maybe from an unsupported PCoIP version. I am running VMware View 5.3. We do have Terridici offload cards installed as well.

    Any thoughts?



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