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March 7, 2010


Multi-Touch Table Reborn

Ok, so here’s the deal…

My previous table build was cut off at the knees when my wife chose to get “separated” (I just love euphemisms!) from her previous employer before likely getting booted out later on anyway. We had to buckle down and deal with being a single-income family which did not leave much room for the indulgences required to build one of these things.

She now has a new employer and I now have a new project with a new budget.

The good news is that I did not buy very many of the parts for the previous build before it got shelved so not much was wasted. It also means (since such a great amount of time has passed) that I can get far more for my money today than I would have previously. Things like i7 did not exist back then! Also, high(er) resolution projectors with a short-throw have come down in cost opening up some new options.

Previously I was aiming for a budget of about $2000-2500, but my current plan is to double that amount. This lets me utilize a different (read “more costly”) touch detection technology and not have to scrimp and fret over every purchase decision as I was last time.

Future posts will detail the technology changes, parts selections, and project assembly, that is, if I can stay diligent about posting the progress on here, but I should have an updated parts list and cost tally in place soon (look in the upper right hand corner for the link).

Until next time…

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