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October 30, 2012


Updated TinyCore Builder Link

For those hoping to find a simple and quick method to create a small, bootable Linux installation for PC repurposing – look no further…

TinyCore Builder allows you to fill out a simple form, and get a very compact bootable Linux image with the VMware View Client out the other end. The image provided is ideal for USB or PXE booting a repurposed PC againbst a VMware View environment.

The TinyCore Builder recently moved so if you were already aware of and using this tool, please update your links to the following URL:


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  1. Marcin
    Jan 29 2013

    It is very cool idea. Any way to include wireless support. I downloaded core plus image and deploy it but when I try to install vmware view client from tiny core repository it only has open client 4 no pcoip support. I appreciate your help

  2. l8nighter
    Feb 12 2013

    This sounds like a great idea. Can you give some more steps on what to do with the ISO to get it to booth on a thumb drive? Thanks

  3. Kinney Baughman
    May 3 2013

    I8nighter. Try “Unetbootin” and point it to the iso you downloaded.


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