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February 23, 2012


PCoIP Log Viewer and View 5.1 Beta

With the public release (for nominated customers) of VMware View 5.1 you may encounter PCoIP log files that seem to parse correctly but fail to render properly when loaded into the Viewer.  This is likely a result of a log file format change within the beta causing invalid data to appear somewhere in the XML output.

This is, unfortunately, a common occurrence with any updated release of View. The log file format changes with annoying regularity and I will need to update the parser to deal with the new format. Until I can address that – possibly April due to my travel schedule – you should just rely on the WMI stats for monitoring 5.1 beta sessions. Waiting a few weeks for log file visualization shouldn’t cause too much harm to anyone (I hope!) but I did want to give a heads-up in case anyone had encountered this issue.

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  1. Mar 28 2012


    I am trying out your tool and getting erro saying “logfile appears to beinvald no session data found.
    I teach Vmware View and like to demo this in class

    • RexRemus
      Mar 28 2012

      When viewing log files (and not real-time WMI data) you must make sure the session has been running for at least 1 minute. Some of the session stats in the log are only written once a minute so if you quickly connect, do a task , and disconnect there will be nothing to display. Most “valid” PCoIP log files will be 50K or greater in size. If you have log files smaller than this it’s likely they are invalid – failed connection or possibly too short to have enough valid session data.

  2. l8nighter
    May 21 2012

    Looks like View 5.1 GA also has the same issues and I can’t open the log with the Viewer. Thanks for updating the code when you have time.


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